:: ~ about ~ ::

hi, i'm jaiden macintosh! i am a multigenre music artist from michigan who dabbles with many styles of music, such as drone, glitch, ambient, IDM.

i also own/run plenty of labels on bandcamp and other file hosts/physical mediums.

i'm lgbtq (pansexual/genderfluid), a furry, and my pronouns are he/they/she.

:: ~ where to find my work ~ ::

i release on a ton of music labels and different pages scattered across the web and other mediums, rym/discogs is your best go to

music databases



places where i host/upload my music

old main bandcamp

bandcamp search results

spotify (incomplete)

youtube music archive channel (not everything on it is by me)

:: ~ contact ~ ::

here are places where you can contact me. i'm pretty open to do anything like collabs/splits or release on your label, so feel free to contact me if that's your intention (i don't bite x3)


Jaiden#0001 (nitro, will probably change soon)


tehscratchguy[attttt]gmail[dottttt]com (will most likely change in the future)

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:: ~ webring stuff ~ ::

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